Adobe Acrobat Reader – program to read PDF

With the program Adobe Acrobat Reader is familiar to almost every user who has encountered in his work with PDF files. This is probably the most popular free tool for viewing PDF documents. This software is easy to use, takes up little space and often computers are sold with the already installed Acrobat Reader. It is generally accepted that this program can only be used to view and print PDF. In fact, the functionality of this tool is much broader, despite the fact that the program does not really allow editing PDF files. Why else can I use Adobe Acrobat Reader? Here is just a small overview of the features of this application.

How to view PDF
Search text in PDF
Sending a PDF file by email
How to select text in PDF
How to make electronic signature in PDF

How to view PDF

Opening of PDF files in Acrobat Reader, as a rule, does not cause difficulties. Often this application is used by default on the computer to open this type of file. The program allows not only to open a PDF document and see its contents, but also to make it as convenient as possible to work with it. There are many built-in functions for this purpose. Here are some of them.

  1. Magnifier tool. This function can be used in those cases when it is not necessary to increase the entire document and it is necessary to enlarge only a separate area of it. In order to use this function, go to the “View” section of the main menu located at the top of the application. In the drop-down menu select the item “Zoom” and in it go to the item “Loupe Tool”.
    Loupe Tool
    Then click the left mouse button on the part of the document that you want to view in more detail. A rectangle and a pop-up window will appear on the screen, showing the enlarged part of the document covered by this rectangle. Its dimensions can be changed and zoomed.
  2. View the PDF in several windows. This mode is convenient when it is necessary that several pages of the same document are displayed on the screen at once. Such windows can be opened as many as you want. To do this, go to the “Window” of the main menu and select the “New Window” section.
    Multiple PDF Screens
    This operation should be repeated as many times as necessary windows. If you close one of the windows, the other windows will remain open. In order to close all the windows at the end of the work with the PDF document, you should go to the “File” section of the main menu and select the “Close” command there.
  3. Specifies how the pages are displayed. This function allows you to display the pages of the PDF document being viewed as it is convenient for the user. To use this feature, go to the “View” of the main menu and select “Page Display” here.
    Displaying the PDF page
    In the list that appears, select the desired layout:

    • Single Page View. Only one page of the document is visible in the program window.
    • Enable Scrolling. Pages go by a continuous line, one after another. They can be scrolled.
    • Two Page View. Two current pages are displayed simultaneously in the program window.
    • Two Page Scrolling. Similar to the “Enable Scrolling” section, but the pages are displayed in two in the column.

This is just a small overview of the tools for optimally viewing PDF files provided by Acrobat Reader. The rest of the functions are equally interesting and useful. They can be accessed directly when working with the PDF document in this application.

Search text in PDF

In Acrobat Reader, you can search in two ways.

  • The “Find” option. This function is used if you need to find a word or group of words inside the document you are viewing. To do this, go to the “Edit” section of the main menu and select the “Find” section.
    Search in PDF file
    In the upper right corner of the PDF document, a small window appears, in which you need to enter the phrase or word you are looking for.
  • Option “Search”. This function is used when you need to find a word or phrase in a group of PDF files. There is no need to open these files. Go to the “Edit” section and select “Advanced Search”.
    Advanced search in PDF
    A large search window will appear, in which you will need to specify a drive or folder, the search phrase or word, as well as some search criteria.

Sending a PDF file by email

This function is often used when sending scanned documents to other people. The scanned document should be opened in Acrobat Reader and click on the icon with the envelope image in the top menu. If it is not there, you can click on the “File” item in the main menu and select the “Send File” section. In the window “Attach to Email…” that appears, select the tool for sending mail.
Send by Email PDF
This can be the default email on your computer, or webmail, such as Gmail. Please note that a letter with a PDF attached to it will be placed in the “Draft” folder of the mail program.

How to select text in PDF

Some users think that since Acrobat Reader is not intended for editing PDF documents, nothing can be changed in it. Actually this is not true. Edit text in a PDF file, delete or paste images, change the structure of the document really cannot. But you can make notes or add comments in the finished text. For example, you can select a part of the text with color. This is very easy to do.

  1. Open the “Tools” panel, go to the “Comment” section and click the Marker icon and the “Highlight Text” tooltip.
    Highlight color pdf
  2. Select the text you want to mark with the mouse. The selected area will then turn yellow. </
  3. If you want to change the color of the selection or its brightness, right-click on the selected text and select “Properties” from the menu that appears.
    Highlighting text PDF

The selected text can be not only marked with color, but also crossed out or emphasized. You can add a note to the selected area. The text of this note will be hidden and appears only when you click on the corresponding icon near the selected area. You can write a comment anywhere, and its text will be on top of the document. In order for all the changes to be made to be visible and when the document is subsequently opened, the PDF file must be saved.

How to make electronic signature in PDF

If you receive documents from your subordinates for verification, it is very convenient to use their electronic signature for approval. It should not be confused with an electronic-digital signature used in document circulation and having legal force. In this case, it’s just a matter of looking at the document with the image of your signature to use this document within your organization. In this case, you can enter the text of your signature on the keyboard, draw it, or add a sample of your signature from the file. This is done so.

  1. Go to the “Tools” panel and find the “Fill & Sign” section.
    Add caption to PDF
  2. Click the “Sign” button. If you already have a sample signature, it will be placed immediately in the specified location. You can also drag it to the desired part of the document. If you are signing for the first time, a window will appear that will help you create a signature template.

Sign a PDF document

  • You can select the “Type” option and type the text of the signature on the keyboard. In this case, you can choose a style of writing from several suggested styles.
  • The “Draw” option allows you to do this with a mouse, as it is done, for example, in the Paint program.
  • You can use the “Image” section and apply a picture with your signature when you view the document. You can make such a picture in several ways. For example, you can sign on paper, scan the signature as an image, and then use this picture as a signature. You can even take a picture on your phone of your signature on paper, and then use this image as a signature sample.

After the signature has been delivered, do not forget to save the document.

As you can see from this review, the free Acrobat Reader application is quite enough for viewing, printing and reviewing documents in PDF format. To edit such documents, you will have to use the paid enhanced version of Adobe Acrobat. It is not cheap, but sometimes the use of a paid version is justified, especially within the firm or enterprise. And don’t forget to protect important PDF documents. Even if you forget the cipher, you can remove protection from PDF using special PDF password recovery software.