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What’s New in PowerPoint Latest Versions

Just like the rest of the MS Office suite, PowerPoint is constantly updated. Among the features that have appeared are many new visual effects and transitions, a virtual table of contents, added SVG vector graphics, the ability to add 3D models, background removal and much more. Add a table of contents How to remove a… Continue reading –>

How to make a postcard on a computer

Any PC user can make a postcard on a computer. Of course, you can find a suitable picture on the Internet and send it to a friend for his birthday, however, getting a homemade postcard is much more pleasant. The addressee will know that the congratulation is made from the heart and is intended only… Continue reading –>

How to make a good presentation

PowerPoint, part of Microsoft Office, is the most popular presentation tool. This tool is used to demonstrate their work not only by schoolchildren and students, but also by designers, engineers, teachers, scientists. Ease of use is one of PowerPoint’s main strengths. In order to create a beautiful presentation, it is enough to have minimal skills… Continue reading –>

How to make a PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is the perfect presentation tool and the most common tool in the world used for this purpose. The scope of PowerPoint is very large, ranging from school reports on a given topic and ending with scientific conferences. The more functions and features of this application the presentation creator knows, the more beautiful and… Continue reading –>