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What’s new in MS Word latest versions

Like many other programs, Microsoft Word is constantly updated. The latest versions of Word are significantly different from those that were at the very beginning. Working with the application has become much more convenient and efficient. For example, new versions of the program have added such functions as translating the selected part of the text… Continue reading –>

How to Format a Text in Word

Office application MS Word is used by almost everyone who has computers with Windows operating system. In order to create the simplest document in this program, the user only needs to have a minimum of knowledge and skills in working with this application. At the same time, this powerful tool has a huge range of… Continue reading –>

How to insert picture in Word

Almost all users of MS Word have come across the task of inserting images into a text document. Course papers, essays, graduation projects, various texts with illustrations – this is just a short list of documents for which you need to use images. Unfortunately, very often inserting a picture into an already finished text completely… Continue reading –>