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Hidden features of Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system is no longer new, it was replaced by the new Windows 11 system. However, Windows 10 is still used by the vast majority of computer users around the world. This version is simple and convenient and as close as possible to the interests of users. There is a lot of… Continue reading –>

What’s new in the latest versions of Windows?

The Windows operating system is regularly updated. There are new options that allow you to work on your computer more comfortably. Additional features are built into the operating system that make it possible to use the internal properties of the system instead of installing additional applications on the PC. In Windows 10 and Windows 11,… Continue reading –>

How to setup Internet connection on Windows 10

Generally, setting up the Internet on Windows 10 computers is straightforward. The whole process takes place automatically, and the network is connected without additional special settings. Now there is no need, as in earlier versions of Windows, to search for drivers and deal with numerous settings. However, there are times when you have to manually… Continue reading –>

Windows 10 Video Editor

The video editor included with Windows 10 is an extension of Windows Movie Maker from earlier versions of Windows. If you want to tackle complex video editing, you need professional software with powerful functions. However, the built-in video editor is great for creating videos from photos or editing small video files. With it, you can… Continue reading –>

Windows 10 customization tips

The Windows 10 operating system provides ample opportunities for its users. At the same time, it has no global differences from previous versions of Windows. Partly for this reason, many users, when switching to Windows 10, automatically use the already familiar system functions and do not pay attention to the new features. In addition, Windows… Continue reading –>

How to use Windows 10

According to statistics, more than half of all computers in the world use the Windows 10 operating system. If you buy your PC with a pre-installed Windows operating system in a computer store, this version will most likely be used on it. Users who have previously worked with other flavors of Windows can easily use… Continue reading –>

Best way to backup computer

Backing up data is the most important procedure that ensures the safety of files on the PC. Any organization, be it a huge enterprise or a small firm, periodically makes a backup of the information stored on their computers. Unfortunately, ordinary users of home PCs often neglect the backup of their files, which sometimes leads… Continue reading –>