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How to make a postcard on a computer

Any PC user can make a postcard on a computer. Of course, you can find a suitable picture on the Internet and send it to a friend for his birthday, however, getting a homemade postcard is much more pleasant. The addressee will know that the congratulation is made from the heart and is intended only… Continue reading –>

How to make a Word document step by step

A beautifully and correctly executed document Word is not only pleasant to perceive, but also greatly facilitates the work with it. Well-structured text is easy to read and quickly corrected. However, almost every computer user came across clumsily made-up documents, when even minor corrections in them significantly distorted the structure of the entire text. But… Continue reading –>

Working with text in MS Word

Many users are faced with the fact that when copying text from a site and then pasting this fragment into a Word document, formatting fails. However, knowledge of the intricacies of working with this application allows you to solve the problem by simply pressing a few buttons. Or, for example, many people are familiar with… Continue reading –>

Temporary files

Many users of computers and laptops know that among their large number of files on their devices there are so-called «temporary files”. Some believe that they need to be removed in one way or another. Other users are wary of doing this because they think it will damage their computer. What are temporary files? Where… Continue reading –>