How to draw a line in Excel

In MS Excel, you can not only create tables and work with data from these tables, but also create charts and graphs, as well as draw various shapes, lines, arrows. You will be surprised how easy it is to draw a line of the desired length and parameters. Lines can be used to connect different… Continue reading –>

Task Manager in Windows

Task Manager is the primary tool for viewing operating system resources and closing unwanted and hung processes. Initially, its main function was to close applications that do not respond to user requests. In Windows 10, the functionality of the task manager has been significantly expanded. Now with the help of it you can not only… Continue reading –>

How to setup Internet connection on Windows 10

Generally, setting up the Internet on Windows 10 computers is straightforward. The whole process takes place automatically, and the network is connected without additional special settings. Now there is no need, as in earlier versions of Windows, to search for drivers and deal with numerous settings. However, there are times when you have to manually… Continue reading –>

Remove blank rows in Excel

Blank rows in Excel tables often occur when merging multiple tables into one or when importing data from one table to another. They often interfere with the comfortable perception of the table data and make it difficult to navigate the table. There are different ways to remove blank lines in Excel tables. Here we will… Continue reading –>

How to know if someone has used your computer

If you suspect that someone was using your computer while you were away, you can check this in several ways. This is not difficult to do. You don’t even need to have special knowledge and additional software for this. Viewing Browser History Find Deleted Files Analyzing the event log Viewing browser search history Viewing recently… Continue reading –>

How to make a postcard on a computer

Any PC user can make a postcard on a computer. Of course, you can find a suitable picture on the Internet and send it to a friend for his birthday, however, getting a homemade postcard is much more pleasant. The addressee will know that the congratulation is made from the heart and is intended only… Continue reading –>

How to extract month name from date in Excel

Microsoft Excel stores data in the “date” format always in the same form. However, the display of this data in the table can be different. There are many ways to represent a tabular date in the format you want. For example, sometimes it is necessary to extract only one element from a date in an… Continue reading –>

Windows 10 Video Editor

The video editor included with Windows 10 is an extension of Windows Movie Maker from earlier versions of Windows. If you want to tackle complex video editing, you need professional software with powerful functions. However, the built-in video editor is great for creating videos from photos or editing small video files. With it, you can… Continue reading –>

A few tips for working with Excel

Have you used Microsoft Excel office application in your work? Many people will answer this question in the affirmative. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced user or a beginner, there are many ways that will greatly simplify the work with this program and make the process less time consuming and more efficient. How… Continue reading –>

How is Microsoft Word useful to us

Nowadays, even schoolchildren can work with Microsoft Word. But MS Word is not just a regular text editor. It is also a powerful multifunctional tool that allows you to place images, graphics, formulas, tables in the text, choose a variety of fonts and document design. Absolutely all the intricacies of using this editor are known… Continue reading –>