How to copy values in Excel without formula

Individual cells in Excel tables can include not only ordinary numbers, text, or other formats, but also the results of calculating formulas. A normal copy and subsequent pasting of such values copies not only the contents of the cell, but also the formula applied to this data. As a result, the copied numbers, after the… Continue reading –>

Windows 10 customization tips

The Windows 10 operating system provides ample opportunities for its users. At the same time, it has no global differences from previous versions of Windows. Partly for this reason, many users, when switching to Windows 10, automatically use the already familiar system functions and do not pay attention to the new features. In addition, Windows… Continue reading –>

Using Tasks in Outlook

There are many ways to keep a list of work or household tasks and track the progress of their completion. In the simplest case, you can simply write down all tasks in a paper notebook and review them from time to time. In enterprises or offices, special applications are often used for such purposes, which… Continue reading –>

How to use Windows 10

According to statistics, more than half of all computers in the world use the Windows 10 operating system. If you buy your PC with a pre-installed Windows operating system in a computer store, this version will most likely be used on it. Users who have previously worked with other flavors of Windows can easily use… Continue reading –>

How to use Outlook email

Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail application that is included in the main MS Office package. This mail client is often used to work with corporate mail. The program allows you to conveniently sort letters, group them according to certain criteria, set the desired level of privacy, organize several mailboxes and much more. However, Microsoft Outlook… Continue reading –>

Excel Pivot Tables

Users rarely use Excel PivotTables because of the apparent complexity. However, the effort and time that will be spent on learning them will pay off in a tremendous way from using this tool. Pivot tables are often indispensable when analyzing data from very large tables in various aspects. So, pivot tables should be used if… Continue reading –>

How to make a good presentation

PowerPoint, part of Microsoft Office, is the most popular presentation tool. This tool is used to demonstrate their work not only by schoolchildren and students, but also by designers, engineers, teachers, scientists. Ease of use is one of PowerPoint’s main strengths. In order to create a beautiful presentation, it is enough to have minimal skills… Continue reading –>

How to make a Word document step by step

A beautifully and correctly executed document Word is not only pleasant to perceive, but also greatly facilitates the work with it. Well-structured text is easy to read and quickly corrected. However, almost every computer user came across clumsily made-up documents, when even minor corrections in them significantly distorted the structure of the entire text. But… Continue reading –>

How are video files arranged?

There are probably video files on any home computer. They are easy to recognize by specific extensions and a sufficiently large size compared to other types of files. The world of video formats is huge, and it’s easy to get confused. However, to easily navigate in a huge number of types of videos, it is… Continue reading –>

Working with text in MS Word

Many users are faced with the fact that when copying text from a site and then pasting this fragment into a Word document, formatting fails. However, knowledge of the intricacies of working with this application allows you to solve the problem by simply pressing a few buttons. Or, for example, many people are familiar with… Continue reading –>