Windows system files

The phrase “system file” is inextricably linked with the concept of the operating system. No computer can function without system files, so it is so important to understand what they are, where they are, what problems may arise with them and how to restore system files if they are damaged. What are system files Windows… Continue reading –>

Opera browser

Opera browser has been very popular all over the world not so long ago. Only in recent years, Opera’s rating has declined, but this browser is still among the ten most popular in the world, and it is used by millions of people. Opera has many advantages, including the presence of a “Turbo” mode, which… Continue reading –>

How to learn to use a computer

Nowadays, computers have firmly entered our lives. Someone uses a PC at work, someone spends evenings at home playing computer games or surfing the Internet. The more we know about the intricacies of working with this device, the easier and more comfortable it is for us to use it. It turns out that it’s not… Continue reading –>

Financial Formulas in Excel

A significant part of the time for many economists or financiers is spent working on a computer with the MS Excel office application. This program has a considerable number of functions intended for creating reports, data analysis, information plans, mathematical calculations and much more. Knowledge of the most important Excel formulas and a combination of… Continue reading –>

How to Format a Text in Word

Office application MS Word is used by almost everyone who has computers with Windows operating system. In order to create the simplest document in this program, the user only needs to have a minimum of knowledge and skills in working with this application. At the same time, this powerful tool has a huge range of… Continue reading –>

Temporary files

Many users of computers and laptops know that among their large number of files on their devices there are so-called «temporary files”. Some believe that they need to be removed in one way or another. Other users are wary of doing this because they think it will damage their computer. What are temporary files? Where… Continue reading –>

How to edit pdf documents for free

The American company Adobe Systems is the copyright owner of the PDF format. Among the many products developed by this company to work with PDF, the most popular are Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Although the free Adobe Reader program cannot edit and create pdf files, it has broad functionality. With the help of Adobe… Continue reading –>

How to use iTunes

iTunes is an application installed on a computer running Windows or macOS operating systems. This program serves as an intermediary between the computer and Apple devices, as it is impossible to directly copy files from the computer to the iPhone (or another gadget of this company). As well as you cannot copy information from the… Continue reading –>

Excel Text Functions

Excel tables contain mostly numerical data on which you can perform various mathematical, logical and other operations. At the same time, a considerable part of the tables contains cells with text. For example, price lists or customer lists with addresses certainly include test data. In order to perform various transformations on this data, Excel text… Continue reading –>

How to make a PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is the perfect presentation tool and the most common tool in the world used for this purpose. The scope of PowerPoint is very large, ranging from school reports on a given topic and ending with scientific conferences. The more functions and features of this application the presentation creator knows, the more beautiful and… Continue reading –>