Little tricks of MS Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular applications in the modern world. It can be found in almost any company as the main program for creating and editing text. Microsoft Word is constantly updated, new features are added that greatly simplify the work of typing and editing texts. This may be the reason why… Continue reading –>

Some features of Google Chrome

The developers of the Google Chrome browser are trying to make it work as efficiently as possible for users. This includes a tabbed interface, a built-in search bar, a customizable home page, a large number of extensions, a password manager and much more. There is an incognito mode for private browsing, and system resource usage… Continue reading –>

How to set up a mouse on a PC

The mouse is an essential attribute of a computer. When you connect this device to a PC, in modern computers, its parameters are set automatically. Sometimes it becomes necessary to change these indicators, for example, to speed up the mouse response in computer games. In this case, the mouse settings are changed manually or using… Continue reading –>

How to select every second row in an Excel spreadsheet

The problem of selecting every second row is not that rare. There are many situations where this might be needed. For example, when creating a second table based on the data of the first, when every second row is copied from the main table and inserted into the newly created table. There is no special… Continue reading –>

How to make a dash instead of a zero in a table

In some reports, it is preferable to put a dash instead of a zero in cells with a zero value, because a dash is more appropriate than a zero in a cell. To improve the readability of tables, there are several ways to notice 0 by (-). Changing the number format Using a custom format… Continue reading –>

How to work on a computer without a mouse

There are hardly any keyboard enthusiasts who do not use a mouse at all. However, there are situations when the mouse suddenly breaks down, and you need to finish the work you have started, or at least turn off the computer correctly. For this purpose, you can successfully use computer keyboard control. With its help,… Continue reading –>

Useful Windows Settings

It is difficult to imagine our life without computers and smartphones. These are not only means for work or entertainment, but also indispensable helpers in everyday life. Using a PC, you can create reminders for yourself on important occasions or set parental controls. How to set up a reminder How to create a second desktop… Continue reading –>

Useful tricks for working in Excel

Useful Excel practices significantly reduce the time spent on handling spreadsheets and increase the efficiency of using the application. With the advent of new versions, it becomes more and more convenient to work with MS Excel, which is why it is so useful to know the useful functions and features of the program that have… Continue reading –>

What’s New in PowerPoint Latest Versions

Just like the rest of the MS Office suite, PowerPoint is constantly updated. Among the features that have appeared are many new visual effects and transitions, a virtual table of contents, added SVG vector graphics, the ability to add 3D models, background removal and much more. Add a table of contents How to remove a… Continue reading –>

What’s new in MS Word latest versions

Like many other programs, Microsoft Word is constantly updated. The latest versions of Word are significantly different from those that were at the very beginning. Working with the application has become much more convenient and efficient. For example, new versions of the program have added such functions as translating the selected part of the text… Continue reading –>